A Java-Based Distributed Approach for Generating Large-Scale Social Network Graphs

  • Vlad ŞerbănescuEmail author
  • Keyvan Azadbakht
  • Frank de Boer
Part of the Computer Communications and Networks book series (CCN)


Big Data management is an important topic of research not only in Computer Science, but also in several other domains. A challenging use of Big Data is the generation of large-scale graphs used to model social networks. In this paper, we present an actor-based Java library that eases the use of parallel and distributed programming using actors and scheduling algorithms in multi-threaded computing. We give a high-level description of a distributed algorithm used to construct a social network graph and implement the model into executable code. We present this solution as a means of analyzing and validating an algorithm, as well as a solution of developing and running an application in a large-scale distributed environment.



Partly funded by the EU project FP7-610582 ENVISAGE: Engineering Virtualized Services ( Partly funded by the EU project FP7-612985 UpScale: From Inherent Concurrency to Massive Parallelism through Type-based Optimizations (


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  • Vlad Şerbănescu
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    Email author
  • Keyvan Azadbakht
    • 1
  • Frank de Boer
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  1. 1.Centrum Wiskunde and InformaticaAmsterdamNetherlands

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