Basic Topological Concepts of Dynamical Systems

  • Viacheslav Z. GrinesEmail author
  • Timur V. Medvedev
  • Olga V. Pochinka
Part of the Developments in Mathematics book series (DEVM, volume 46)


The theory of dynamical systems extensively uses a lot of concepts and tools from other branches of mathematics: topology, algebra, geometry etc. In this chapter we review the basic definitions and facts, necessary for understanding the presented results. We begin the fundamental notions of a set and of a map, we describe which structures one has to define on a set to make it a group, a linear space, a metric space. We recall the main properties of maps and their spaces. We give some facts on embedding of a surface into a 3-manifold and the definition of a wild embedding. We show how the universal cover is constructed and the connection between Nielsen-Thurston’s theory and structurally stable diffeomorphisms of surfaces.


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