Context-Awareness in Autonomic Communication and in Accessing Web Information: Issues and Challenges

  • Francesco Chiti
  • Romano Fantacci
  • Gabriella PasiEmail author
  • Francesco Tisato
Part of the Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series book series (WISE)


In recent years, after the proposal of the Internet of Things and, later, of the Web of Things, context awareness is a central issue at various levels including devices, communications and applications. In this chapter we present an overview of the current state of research in autonomic communications by focusing on aspects of context awareness on which the emerging new paradigm of Context-Aware Autonomic Communication systems is based. As an example of application we also provide a synthetic analysis of the problem of contextual search and of the issues related to defining contextual search systems.


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  • Romano Fantacci
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  • Gabriella Pasi
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  2. 2.Università degli Studi di Milano BicoccaMilanItaly

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