Patent Protection of High-Level Research Results

  • Thomas J. BürvenichEmail author
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Scientific endeavors in theoretical and experimental physics can lead to technical products or methods that may qualify for patent protection. I herein review the necessary steps to identify and protect such technical solutions, explain the requirements for patent protection, and discuss the benefits. Since publishing research results is of great importance for scientists, the novelty-requirement for a patentable invention is discussed in detail. The problem-solution approach for the assessment of the inventive step of an invention is laid out.


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I would like to express my gratitude to Walter Greiner for inviting me to this wonderful conference. I would also like to thank the organizing committee for the excellent preparation and execution of the conference. My thanks also goes to the Makutsi team for their great hospitality and allowing to have this meeting in such an inspiring place. I also would like to thank Silvia Paddock for editorial assistance.

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