Leaving Our Mark

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I never thought I would volunteer to go to war again. My first deployment had been physically and emotionally brutal. I was a young enlisted US Army artilleryman in Iraq in 2003. The living conditions were Spartan with tents, pallets of prepackaged Meals Ready to Eat, and the only source of water being a big 30 gal tank. We were running 24/7 operations in the streets of Baghdad and the surrounding area. The exposure to the realities of war was a life altering experience and left me, at the time, with what I thought was a profound love of a desk job and air conditioning. This started changing after I arrived to Fort Drum as a new psychiatrist in the summer of 2013. Listening to the war stories of my patients left me a new and intense desire to go back to war. Each month of psychiatric residency training brought a new assignment and new things to learn and places to see. However, after about 6 months of working in the same office at Fort Drum, living in the same place, and having the same job, I was feeling restless.


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