Research at the Tip of the Spear

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This essay is a personal story that spans a period of approximately 30 years, yet focuses on my time conducting behavioral health research during the war in Iraq. It is based on my memory and view of events that transpired before and during the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan—conflicts that I like to refer to as the Great Wars on Terror. While I have consulted my diary, that is my “little green” pocket memo books, while composing this essay, it is necessarily biased and prejudiced. I am not pretending, nor particularly interested in giving a balanced view, a politically correct view or a view in which every body look good. As a result, I may unintentionally (and in some cases intentionally) insult or anger folks. Furthermore, if the editors allow me to get away with it, I will not provide any references for this personal story. Like all personal stories, I will be the hero of my story.


Personal history of war Military medicine Field research in military medicine Behavioral health care research Psychological health research in military Army field research in psychology War impacts on mental and behavioral health 

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