Conclusions: Towards a New Model of Policing

  • Mark Roycroft


The research revealed a range of themes that illustrate the complexity of policing in the UK in the twenty-first century. The police are facing new demands and the management of these demands exercised the main agencies responsible. These demands were explored in Chapters. 2 and 3. The police and PCCs have to balance new crime demands particularly cybercrime and human trafficking as well as dealing with historical issues. These are being policed against a backdrop of austerity and uncertain funding arrangements (see Chapter. 7) in England and Wales. The traditional structure of policing in the UK has already changed considerably and we have seen the introduction of Polcie and Crime Commissioners(PCCs), the National Crime Agency and the College of Policing along with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). There has been an absence of public debate on these matters.


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