From Morphology to Lexical Hierarchies and Back

  • Krešimir ŠojatEmail author
  • Matea Srebačić
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9561)


This paper deals with language resources for Croatian and discusses the possibilities of their combining in order to improve their coverage and density of structure. Two resources in focus are Croatian WordNet (CroWN) and CroDeriV - a large database of Croatian verbs with morphological and derivational data. The data from CroDeriV is used for enlargement of CroWN and the enrichment of its lexical hierarchies. It is argued that the derivational relatedness of Croatian verbs plays a crucial role in establishing morphosemantic relations and an important role in detecting semantic relations.


Derivational morphology Morphosemantic relations Semantic relations Croatian WordNet CroDeriV 



The research was partially supported by MZOS RH projects 130-1300646-0645, 130-1300646-1002 and XLike project (FP7, Grant 288342).


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