Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Soft Tissues of the Neck

  • Jennifer A SiposEmail author


Ultrasonography (US) is a critical imaging modality for visualizing structures in the neck. A safe and inexpensive test, US can be easily performed in the outpatient setting by clinicians with specialty training and experience. This chapter will outline the initial approach to a patient suspected of having a thyroid nodule including laboratory testing and indications for ultrasonography and thyroid scintigraphy. The advantages of an office-based US exam over that performed by radiology will be outlined. Finally, the sonographic features of nodules and lymph nodes and their attendant malignancy risk will be outlined.


Ultrasonography Thyroid nodule Thyroid cancer Lymph nodes Risk stratification Calcifications Echogenicity Scintigraphy Thyroid-stimulating hormone Cold nodule Hot nodule Toxic adenoma 


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