External Beam Radiation for Locally Advanced and Metastatic Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

  • James D. BrierleyEmail author
  • Meredith E. Giuliani
  • Richard W. Tsang


Although the evidence for a role for external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) comes from single-institution retrospective data, there is convincing evidence that it has a defined role in controlling unresectable differentiated thyroid cancer in the neck and in reducing the risk of local regional recurrence, but only in carefully selected high-risk patients. The evidence that supports the role for EBRT is reviewed. The typical radiation doses and techniques used in our institution are discussed. The role of EBRT in the palliation of symptoms from metastatic disease and newer radiation techniques that can be used to treat and potentially ablate oligometastatic disease is reviewed and examples are given.


Thyroid cancer Extrathyroid extension External beam radiotherapy Adjuvant therapy Stereotactic radiotherapy 


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