The Clinically Detected and Palpable Thyroid Nodule

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  • Anery Patel


A subset of thyroid nodules can present as a palpable neck mass or with clinical symptoms suggestive of a thyroid nodule. Initial evaluation should include a detailed history identifying high-risk populations as well as specific risk factors and symptoms suggestive of thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer. It is essential to perform a comprehensive thyroid and neck examination. This chapter provides a review of the detailed evaluation of a patient with clinically detected thyroid nodule.


Thyroid Thyroid nodule Thyroid cancer Palpation Physical examination Neck mass Dysphagia Hoarseness Compressive symptoms 



Anaplastic thyroid cancer


Familial adenomatous polyposis


Follicular thyroid cancer


Familial medullary thyroid cancer


Multiple endocrine neoplasia


Medullary thyroid cancer


Papillary thyroid cancer


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