The Reasons Why the Ideologies, Political and Economical Institutions and Public Interventions on Earth Obstruct the Building of a Supranational Order

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In this chapter the need for a supranational order and some international political authority is highlighted. This need derives primarily from economics, which is increasingly characterized by an international breath. We emphasize the growing hegemony of the financial side of economic life, a hegemony that is fostered by the political fragmentation of the world, and which generates speculation, crises, growing disequilibria and fraudulent actions associated with financial power. A scientific treatment of the institutions required by the present historical age, which is a main object of this book, will be of great value, and will prove indispensable in stimulating the building of international agreements and institutions in the face of the increasing interconnections among the regions of the Earth. Such a treatment, and the related international actions, is indispensable if we are to overcome the present organizational degenerations associated with the main form of international power: the hegemony of finance capital.


Supranational order Financial power Speculation Hegemony of financial capital over production International agreements and institutions 


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