Re-visioning the World: Mapping the Lithosphere



Our planet is now a human artifact in many significant ways. In what follows we offer a genealogy of ‘terra-forming’, culminating in a discussion of a proposed installation that will offer a critical and artistic reflection on the Anthropocene moment. ‘Terra-Forming’, the construction of a relief map of the surface of the globe without water, is our attempt to address the aesthetic dimension of geological time-marking, dissolving distinctions between art and science. This is a visceral and poetic proposal, aiming at sublime response in which reactions ‘well up’ to physically and emotionally reshape perceptions of the world. As water slowly covers our alabaster map, in a simulation of the great flood, it will hopefully suggest many applications and provoke a surge of conversations and ideas.


Computer Numerical Control Aesthetic Dimension Global Projection Geospatial Technology Artistic Reflection 
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