Implementation of Microcontroller Arduino in Irrigation System

  • Štefan KoprdaEmail author
  • Martin Magdin
  • Michal Munk
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9771)


The aim of this article is the design and implementation of intelligent irrigation devices using the Arduino microcontroller. The control interface of the irrigation system was created as a mobile application. The currently existing various similar solutions are all from the perspective of money unprofitable. The present solution is very cheap and effective especially for home usage. Following the extension it can also be applied on a larger scale e.g. for buildings greenhouse, intelligent garden and others. We used these hardware components for realization: the microcontroller Arduino Yun, real-time clock DS1302, two humidity sensors, relays and solenoid valves. The application for controlling irrigation device using mobile technology was created in the programming language Java. This easy smart irrigation system can be controlled by smartphone or tablet with operating systems Android 4 and above. Reactions and all functions of proposed intelligent system were verified with statistical surveyes. The results were evaluated by using technics of explorating analysis and non parametric Levene’s test. By analysis we can determine the reliability of the irrigation equipment and so clarify the behavior of the system for the existence of systematic and random errors.


Automatization Intelligent system Arduino YUN PHP Java Reliability evaluation 


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