Fundamentals of Chalcogenides in Crystalline, Amorphous, and Nanocrystalline Forms

  • Gurinder Kaur Ahluwalia


Chalcogens are Group 16 elements of the periodic table finding applications in a range of devices such as computer memories, telecommunications, chemical sensors, photo-detectors, and ionic sensors (Fig. 1.1).


Chalcogenides Selenium Tellurium Sulfur Glasses Nanocrystalline chalcogenides Glass transition Amorphous semiconductors Chalcogen derivatives Transition metal chalcogenides Alkali and alkaline metal chalcogenides Metal dichalcogenides Nanostructured chalcogenides PbS PbSe PbTe MoS2 Quantum dots Bonding and antibonding states As2S3 As2Se3 Cross-linked networks GeSbSe GeSbTe As-Se-Te Band structure SeTe CdSSe Anderson localization Defects in chalcogenides Photoinduced effects Avalanche multiplication TV pickup tubes Biomedical applications Cancer chemopreventive effects 


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