How Local Governments Can Plan for Autonomous Vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles have the potential to change all aspects of mobility—from driver safety and insurance liability to car ownership and how Americans commute. It has the potential to disrupt both public and private transportation as we know it. As Google, Uber, the automobile industry, and other organizations continue to make rapid technological advances, it is vital that federal, state, and local governments establish policies, laws and regulations that account for these disruptions. Of utmost importance is finding a balance between guarding public safety while regulating insurance/liability and still encouraging investment in research and development of autonomous vehicles. Most research papers and news reports regarding autonomous vehicles focus on the technological advancement or implications for society (e.g., improved safety and greater mobility for the elderly and disabled people). Many articles cite the importance of government regulation; however, very few provide targeted guidance on how government agencies should respond. The intent of this paper is to outline the role of government in autonomous vehicles and present information local and regional governments need to inform planning and decision-making—both now and in the future.


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