War of the Wild Roses

Synopsis of a Script for a Musical Eco-Comedy Stage Play, with Sample Lyrics
  • Geo Takach
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Media and Environmental Communication book series (PSMEC)


This last of three chapters featuring examples of arts-based approaches to environmental communication drawing on the book’s case study presents an extended synopsis of a script for a new genre—the musical eco-comedy stage play—in which historical and fictionalized characters compete to halt, or further, the accelerated extraction of unconventional fossil fuel in Alberta. The synopsis is followed by discussion of authorial choices of initiating idea, research sources, format, voices, the world of the story, its structure and visual style, and other notes on the meeting of synthesis, analysis and (re)presentation in the script. Included are commentary on playwriting theory, the script’s creation and dissemination, and reflections to help ground an initial framework for engaging broader publics through arts-based research in environmental scholarship.


Environmental communication Environment Arts-based research Playwriting Alberta Tar sands/oil sands 


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