Analysis of CS Survey and NPS Numbers in Japanese Wedding Market

  • Shigeyuki TakamiEmail author
  • Nobuyuki Kitada
  • Tomoko Ota
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Wedding market in Japan is about 3 trillion yen conjunction with marriage costs and new life preparation costs, and the number of marriage couples is estimated to be approximately 650,000 pairs. Domestic population is in the medium- and middle-long term downwards due to the declining birth rate. It has been presumed that there is also decreasing number of marriages, compare to this number, the implementation rate of the wedding reception is about 50 %. It can be recognized as the wedding market still has a certain amount of potential market. Against a backdrop of this, it is essentially to be impressed the “customer”, satisfied more than what they expected. Far beyond that, the most important thing is made them influencers to dig up potential customers. Wedding reception is not only goods itself, because it is the market that is selling the services too, and to survey on the CS (Customer Satisfaction) through survey after the enforcement wedding reception is estimated to be higher. Thus, the author focused on and decided to study on what products and services to either contribute to the overall CS improvement.

Index that becomes the axis in this study is the NPS (Net Promoter Score).

This is an indication of the investigation method for measuring customer’s loyalty proposed by Frederick F. Reichheld. To classify into 3 groups by scores (the range of 0–10) through questions the possibility of recommendation the company (products, services or brands) to friends or colleagues along with the answer.

Among the Fortune 500 ranking of the US sales higher 500 companies in 2014, there are statistics that indeed 35 % of companies adopted with the NPS.

The wedding market as well as others, the important factor is the customer’s reviews, word of mouth and word of mouse (through internet). We have given the NPS survey to the customers after wedding reception, with 400 couples at 5 different locations (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyoto and Fukuoka) and also provided the questionnaire in 40 questions about products and services In this paper, the author analyzes relationship between NPS numbers and other 40 questions of the questionnaire, the customer will be revealed by multiple regression analysis.


NPS CS Marketing mix Encounter marketing mix 


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