Victims of Serial Murder: Cause and Effect in the Victim–Perpetrator Relationship

  • Agnieszka Daniszewska
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A victim is someone who has suffered a wrong—who has been aggrieved by a crime, an act prohibited by the law in force at the given time. The concept of “aggrieved” is used in the Polish penal code currently in force. Information gathered on murder victim is of great significance in deducing the perpetrator’s motive, social circle, and the nature of the relationship with the victim. The collation of certain established, specific qualities of the victim and the perpetrator’s operating method can help deduce his specific psychological characteristics, as well as give the investigation authorities clues as to his behavior in the future. Thanks to analyses of the mutual links between the perpetrator and the victim, many clues can be extracted that lead to resolving a given murder mystery.


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