Gaggle on the Gavel: Designing an Interactive Website to Create a Community of Lawyers

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  • Shilpa Pachhapurkar
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Law is behind other industries and professions in its implementation of technology that could make the practice of law and the delivery of legal services more effective and satisfying. Although there has been considerable development in legal technology over the past few years, research identified the need for an interactive LinkedIn-style online community for lawyers to communicate other lawyers. Such a community would be particularly beneficial for solo practitioners, lawyers in small firms and lawyers in rural communities and would also provide a convenient way to connect with lawyers for referrals and recommendations, for specialized expertise and to develop contacts in different geographic locations. Tentatively titled Gaggle on the Gavel is an attempt to create such a community that would gather a number of attractive features and functionality under one umbrella and be compliant with the rules of professional conduct with respect to client confidentiality, security, advertising and solicitation. A system has been designed, prototyped and revised based on feedback from a focus group of lawyers.


Community computing Information presentation Interaction design Legal technology Interactive community 


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