The Fallacy of Sustainable Change

  • Arun Kohli
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For people who are seeking to make changes in certain areas of their present situation, in a professional or personal environment, a promise of a change or even sustainable change can sound tempting, if not trigger some hope of betterment to their situation. Based on such assumptions, I believe, often, many coaches and coaching institutes offer unconditional sustainable change to attract customers but fail to define what dimension of human personality or environment they will change through coaching. While superlative promises may sound plausible from a marketing point of view, a closer look will show that a simple claim that coaching, independent of the client, can bring about a sustainable change is at best elusive and at worst a fallacy. When a coaching client is unable to experience the promised superlative change, let us not even discuss the sustainable change, the result is disappointment and future resistance toward coaching. This situation is damaging to coaches and the reputation of coaching itself.


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