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This chapter presents an overview of the prospects of present and anticipated experimental and theoretical advances in ultrafast biophotonics discussed in this book. The areas include multiphoton and multidimensional microscopy, ultrafast single molecule studies, femtosecond laser surgery, quantum biology, biomimetic devices, tunneling in biological entities, cavitation in aqueous biological media by thermal as well as plasmonic means, coherent control of biochemical processes and probing biological entities beyond the quantum limit. Emerging techniques that are likely to play a major role in the development of the subject are also discussed; they include ultrafast multi-dimensional spectroscopy, generation of femtosecond-long X-ray pulses from free electron lasers for ultrashort imaging of biological materials without causing photodamage, application of terahertz radiation for imaging and spectroscopy, uses of frequency comb Fourier transform spectroscopy, and exciting advances in the emerging area of biomimetic technology.


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