Network Operator Agent: Endowing MASCEM Simulator with Technical Validation

  • Ana Freitas
  • Isabel Praça
  • Tiago PintoEmail author
  • Tiago Sousa
  • Zita Vale
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 616)


The actual flexibility of the electricity sector, with a distributed nature and new players, such as the smart grid operator and several types of aggregators, brings new business models and introduces new challenges from the power systems technical operation point of view. In this context, the Network Operator Agent of the Multi-Agent Simulator of Competitive Electricity Markets (MASCEM) plays a crucial role, not only in the scope of the technical validation of the economic transactions established by the market, but also has an agent that can be supporting the grid operation under the scope of a smart grid. A set of new features has been added to the Network Operator making it a “new agent”, bringing a more effective decision support, from the grid technical operation point of view, and achieving its usefulness beyond MASCEM. In this paper the new features are described. A case study is also included to better illustrate the approach and to highlight its usefulness under the scope of a smart grid scenario.


Electricity markets Multi-Agent simulation Network operator 


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  • Ana Freitas
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  • Isabel Praça
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  • Tiago Pinto
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  • Tiago Sousa
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  • Zita Vale
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