Recent Advances in Air-Based Bifacial Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Collectors

  • K. SopianEmail author
  • P. Ooshaksaraei
  • S. H. Zaidi
  • M. Y. Othman


Bifacial photovoltaic (PV) solar cells offer additional radiation absorption by back surface of the solar cells, which is a significant advantage over ordinary photovoltaic (PV) monofacial solar cells. There are varieties of terrestrial applications for bifacial PV panels and bifacial photovoltaic thermal (PVT) solar collects such as building facade integration, window integration, fence/barrier integration, parking lot integration, etc. Bifacial PV panels provide shading and faint light penetration. This chapter describes the recent studies and advances on bifacial PV panels and bifacial photovoltaic thermal collectors for simultaneous production of electricity and hot air.


Photovoltaic thermal Solar collector Single-pass system Heat exchanger Bifacial solar cell Photovoltaic thermal collectors Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Photovoltaic thermal efficiency 


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