Nietzsche: Editions and Interpretations of His Works



Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari edited 1967-1977 the German critical edition of Nietzsche’s Works. The previous edition was edited by the Nietzsche-Archiv (Weimar), directed by Nietzsche’s sister, Elizabeth-Förster, consisting partly in a manipulation of text, in assembling of fragments written in different years. The goal of Archive-Edition was to propagate Nietzsche as “precursor of Nazism”. Nevertheless many intellectuals of fin-de-siècle (Thomas Mann, Walter Benjamin, Hermann Hesse, Karl Kraus etc.) connected Nietzsche’s thought with Freud and interpreted it in the context of the decline of Western Civilization and feeling of end of time. Nietzsche’s thought builds the theoretical issue for the production of art in the modernity: namely the “translation” of pathos-forms into allegories. Benjamin perceive Nietzsche’s ambiguity and considers his philosophy as a mythical representation of modern.


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