Anisotropic Magnetoresistance (AMR) Magnetometers

  • Michael J. Haji-SheikhEmail author
  • Kristen Allen
Part of the Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation book series (SSMI, volume 19)


Anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) based magnetometers are used in devices as varied as global positioning systems to provide dead reckoning capability and in automotive ignition systems to provide crankshaft rotational position. Presented are data and methods that can assist in the design and implementation of these systems and a method to design a Helmholtz coil system to test these devices. The transverse and longitudinal behavior of individual AMR sensors along with group (proximity) behavior is addressed with both data and modeling. The design of a 3-axis measurement system goes from basic electromagnetics to the use of COMSOL and the verification of the measurement system using a commercial 3-axis magnetometer.


Magnetization Reversal Proximity Effect Helmholtz Coil Coil System Switching Field 
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The Authors would like to thank the many fine engineers, technicians and production operators at Honeywell’s Sensor Fab in Richardson, Texas for helping collect reams of data on the behavior of permalloy from 1994 to 2002. We would also like to thank Misty Haji-Sheikh for patiently editing this work. Additionally, like the lead author, many of the people have moved on to other careers such Bob Biard (Honeywell Retired), Wayne Kilian, Ron Foster, and John Schwartz (Honeywell Retired), but all have had a part in this work in some way or another.


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