An Intelligent Management of Lighting in an Ambient Environment with a Multi-agent System

  • Aouatef ChaibEmail author
  • Boussebough Imen
  • Chaoui Allaoua
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 1)


The home automation is one of the most customers of electrical energy after the industry. Lighting represents on average about 15 % of the annual electricity bill excluding gas and hot water. Different studies have been made to reduce the electrical energy consumption like automatic switching and time programming. But all these techniques have not an important rate in reducing the electrical energy consumption. So we note that an intelligent lighting which varies with the users need remains important source of economy of the energy. The intelligent lighting is obtained by using ambient intelligence (AmI). Multi agent System (MAS) have become the important paradigm to develop an ambient system because they have important characteristics like autonomy, proactivity and mobility to respond better to the main characteristic of ambient intelligence like the adaptability to the context. In this area, we propose an adaptive and intelligent lighting system in which each light source is represented by a software agent and the set of agents compose and coordinate their competences in order to illuminate a region with minimum energy consumption.


Ambient intelligence Multi agent system Intelligent lighting Home automation Context-aware 


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  • Aouatef Chaib
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    Email author
  • Boussebough Imen
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  • Chaoui Allaoua
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  1. 1.MISC LaboratoryConstantine 2 UniversityConstantineAlgeria
  2. 2.Lire LaboratoryConstantine 2 UniversityConstantineAlgeria

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