Looking Back and Looking Forward

  • Kevin McCain
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This concluding chapter recaps some of the major insights of the earlier chapters of this book. It also points out how these insights can be used to supplement the science education literature on the nature of science discussed in the first chapter. The result is a more philosophically grounded science education literature. Such integration holds promise for strengthening both science education and philosophical approaches to the nature of science as well as providing a more in-depth understanding of scientific knowledge. Additionally, the chapter discusses some of the major areas where further research would be helpful. Although it is often a bit risky to do so, this chapter also makes some suggestions as to how some of the needed research might be fruitfully conducted and it speculates on what some of the results of such research might be. The goal of the chapter is not to offer precise predictions of how things will turn out, but rather, to encourage further research and helpfully gesture to good starting places for such research.


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