Software-Defined Networking Controller Placement in Distributed Datacenters

  • Heng Qi
  • Keqiu Li
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From the previous chapter, one can see that software-defined networking (SDN) can be applied to large-scale distributed datacenter networks for network control and management. When this occurs, a logically centralized and physically distributed control plane is usually required. This type of control plane consists of multiple controllers communicating with one another. The collaboration of these controllers facilitates the maintenance of a global consistent view of the entire network. However, there are many new problems that must be addressed when a distributed control plane is deployed in a large-scale network; in particular, controller placement is one key problem. Controller placement refers to selecting the proper positions of the controllers to further improve the scalability and performance of the distributed control plane. In this chapter, we propose a novel placement metric for deploying multiple controllers that measures the cost when controllers with limited capacity handle request messages from switches. Then, we formulate the optimal controller placement problem as an integer linear program (ILP) and use an effective approximation algorithm to find its solution. We conduct intensive experiments based on many real topologies. Our results demonstrate that our strategy can significantly improve performance over existing strategies in terms of both cost and load balance.


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