Findings (1): Policy Influences

  • Jon Yorke
  • Lesley Vidovich
Part of the Policy Implications of Research in Education book series (PIRE, volume 7)


Chapter 6 is the first of four chapters presenting findings from the four research questions which centre on: policy influences; policy text production; practices/effects; and outcomes. In Chap. 6, six main themes emerged as ‘influences’ on quality and standards policies in higher education across the research sites: the impact of global pressures (particularly the use of quantitative comparative data internationally); problems with standards, especially validity and reliability; sector expansion threatening quality; institutional status and stance on learning standards; rising demands for accountability; and the role of particularly powerful policy actors. Within these themes, numerous subthemes (referred to as ‘dimensions’) were also identified for the context of influences. It is important to note that while these were deemed to be the dominant influences along the policy trajectory, the prominence of each theme and dimension varied between global (OECD), national (Australia, UK and US) and local (university) levels.


Policy trajectory Policy analysis Influences 


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