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How do we design learning in business and economics education so that students are prepared for the twenty-first century environment? This is not an easy question to answer as simply saying ‘do something innovative’, for doing something innovative most often means stepping down from an increasingly deconstructed ivory tower (Hoffman 2009; O’Hara 2014) into what Iñiguez de Onzoño terms an ‘education and learning hub’ (2011). These hubs innovate all aspects of education: content and curriculum, modalities and formats, networks and learning experiences. It is a reinvention of the learning environment, the content and curriculum we teach, and the expectations and experiences of our students. In is a reinvention of ourselves as teaching professionals that involves reflection on our roles as experts on the world outside the ivory tower. The first part of this book offers four chapters that use a ‘principled reflective practice’ approach (Laurillard 2012, p. 6) to designing higher education for business and economics students.


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