Underwater Robots

  • Hyun-Taek ChoiEmail author
  • Junku Yuh
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Covering about two-thirds of the earth, the ocean is an enormous system that dominates processes on the Earth and has abundant living and nonliving resources, such as fish and subsea gas and oil. Therefore, it has a great effect on our lives on land, and the importance of the ocean for the future existence of all human beings cannot be overemphasized. However, we have not been able to explore the full depths of the ocean and do not fully understand the complex processes of the ocean. Having said that, underwater robots including remotely operated vehicles (ROV s) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV s) have received much attention since they can be an effective tool to explore the ocean and efficiently utilize the ocean resources. This chapter focuses on design issues of underwater robots including major subsystems such as mechanical systems, power sources, actuators and sensors, computers and communications, software architecture, and manipulators while Chap. 51 covers modeling and control of underwater robots.


Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Underwater Vehicle Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Carbon Fiber Reinforce Plastic Controller Area Network 
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alternating current


analog digital conveter


acoustic Doppler current profiler


alkaline fuel cell


attitude and heading reference system


air-independent power


Acorn RISC machine architecture


amplitude shift keying


autonomous systems laboratory


Autonomous Undersea Vehicles Application Center


autonomous underwater vehicle


Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International


battery management system


controller area network


carbon fiber reinforced plastic


common object request broker architecture


central processing unit


digital analog converter


direct current


direct methanol fuel cell


degree of freedom


differential phase shift keying


digital signal processor


Doppler velocity log


dense wave division multiplex


expandable polystyrene


evolution robotics software platform


finite element method


Norwegian defense research establishment


fiber-optic gyro


field-programmable gate array


frequency shift keying


glass-fiber reinforced plastic


GPS intelligent buoys


Gaussian minimum shift keying


global positioning system


high-definition serial digital interface


high definition


high frequency alternating current


internet communications engine


inside diameter


interferometric fiber-optic gyro


inertial measurement unit


inertia navigation system

inertial navigation system


input output


interprocess communication


industrial standard architecture


international submarine engineering


interval programming


Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology


Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering


long-baseline system


long-range cruising AUV


light-weight communications and marshalling


Marine Autonomous Systems Engineering


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


molten carbonate fuel cell


microelectromechanical system


multiple FSK


middleware for robot


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


metal matrix composite


mission oriented operating suite


Mary phase shift keying


Mary quadrature amplitude modulation


Microsoft robotics developers studio


minimum shift keying


Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport


open dynamics engine


outer diameter


US Office of Naval Research


open platform for robotic service


open robot control architecture


open robot control software


phosphoric acid fuel cell


peripheral component interconnect express


peripheral component interconnect




polymer electrolyte fuel cell


proton exchange membrane fuel cell




phase shift keying


polyvinyl chloride


quadrature amplitude modulation


quadrature phase shift keying


reduced instruction set computer


ring laser gyroscope


robot operating system


remotely operated vehicle



robot technology


synthetic aperture sonar


short baseline


solid oxide fuel cell


stream-oriented messaging architecture


teleo-reactive executive


tether management system


time of arrival


user datagram protocol


ultrahigh definition


universal plug and play


ultrashort baseline


unmanned underwater vehicle


Versa Module Europa


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


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