Ultrasound of the Hip



Ultrasound of the hip is easy to perform and adds useful information to the physical exam, which in the hip has its particular limitations given the depth of the joint and periarticular soft tissues. This chapter provides instruction on how to obtain standard views of the anterior hip and extended standard views of the lateral hip. Important anatomy and findings in the normal hip are reviewed. Commonly encountered pathologies in the hip joint and periarticular soft tissues and imaging findings in greater trochanteric pain syndrome are illustrated. The development of an ultrasound scoring system for large joints in the inflammatory arthritides as it applies to the hip and the inclusion of hip ultrasound in the 2012 European League Against Rheumatism/American College of Rheumatology provisional classification for polymyalgia rheumatica are discussed. Next follows a demonstration of ultrasound-guided hip joint aspiration/injection as well as ultrasound-guided injection of the trochanteric bursa.


Hip ultrasound Normal hip Hip joint effusion Synovitis Labrum tear Iliopsoas bursitis Hip joint injection Trochanteric bursitis Gluteus medius tendinopathy Trochanteric bursa injection 


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