Ultrasound of the Shoulder



Ultrasonography utilizes nonionizing radiation to image the shoulder in high resolution. Shoulder pain is common, and rotator cuff abnormalities correlate highly with age. A careful clinical and sonographic examination of the shoulder can result in the diagnosis of shoulder pain in many individuals. The sonographic examination of the shoulder should be systematic and include imaging the rotator cuff tendon and muscles, long head of the biceps tendon, acromio-clavicular joint, as well as associated structures such as joint recesses and bursae. Knowledge of sonoanatomy will allow the practitioner to optimally position the patient to create sonographic windows to examine the various structures. A broad group of rotator cuff and nonrotator cuff pathologies may be depicted as well as manifestations of inflammatory arthropathies.


Shoulder ultrasound Rotator cuff Supraspinatus Biceps tendon Subacromial subdeltoid bursa Humeral erosions Posterior recess 


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