Ultrasound of the Hand and Wrist



Ultrasound evaluation of the hand and wrist may be helpful to the rheumatologist for evaluation of causes of pain and swelling as well as for determination of degree of inflammation and structural damage. Standard views of the hand and wrist are helpful in generating a complete representation of the structures and tissues. These views are based on finding landmark structures such as Lister’s tubercle on the dorsal side, and the pisiform bone and the scaphoid tuberosity on the palmar side to help orient the ultrasound reader. Typical pathology evaluated in the wrist by ultrasound includes wrist and finger joint synovitis, tenosynovitis, carpal, metacarpal, and phalangeal erosions, tendinitis and retinacular pathology such as DeQuervain’s, ligamentous injury, and nerve impingement (especially median nerve impingement). The following chapter will review the standard views of the hand and wrist and the pathology commonly encountered in this region.


Carpal tunnel syndrome DeQuervain’s Wrist synovitis Tenosynovitis nodules Erosions 


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