Modeling and Optimization Techniques with Applications in Food Processes, Bio-processes and Bio-systems

Part of the SEMA SIMAI Springer Series book series (SEMA SIMAI, volume 9)


Food processes, bio-processes and bio-systems are coupled systems that may involve heat, mass and momentum transfer together with kinetic processes. This work illustrates, with a number of examples, how model-based techniques—i.e. simulation, optimization and control—offer the possibility to improve our knowledge about the system at hand and facilitate process design and optimisation even in real time. The contribution is mainly based on the authors experience and illustrates concepts with several examples such as biofilm formation, gluconic acid production, deep-fat frying of potato chips and the thermal processing of packaged foods.


Model identification Reduced order modelling Real-time optimization Food processing Bio-processes Bio-systems 



The authors acknowledge financial support from CSIC [PIE201270E075]. A. Arias-Méndez and M. Mosquera-Fernández acknowledge financial support from the JAE-CSIC program, A. López-Nuñez acknowledges financial support from Xunta de Galicia.


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