Versatile Safe-Region Generation Method for Continuous Monitoring of Moving Objects in the Road Network Distance

  • Yutaka OhsawaEmail author
  • Htoo Htoo
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This paper proposes a fast safe-region generation method for several kinds of vicinity queries including distance range queries, set k nearest neighbor (NN) queries, and ordered kNN queries. When a user is driving a car on a road network, he/she wants to know objects located in a vicinity of the car. However, the result is changing according to the movement of the car, and therefore, the up-to-date result is always expected, and requested to the server. On the other hand, frequent requests for updating results to the server cause heavy loading. To cope with this problem efficiently, the idea of safe-region has been proposed. This paper proposes a fast generation method of the safe-region applicable to several types of vicinity queries. Through experimental evaluations, the proposed algorithm achieves a great performance in terms of processing times, and is one or two orders of magnitude faster than existing algorithms.


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The present study was partially supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research (C) 15K00147).


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