Similarity Search on Massive Data Based on FPGA

  • Yanzheng Wang
  • Hong Gao
  • Shengfei Shi
  • Hongzhi WangEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9645)


Data quality is a very important question in massive data process. When we want to distill valuable knowledge from a mass set of data, the key point is to know whether the dataset is clean. So before we extract useful massage from the dataset we’d better do some data clean job. Similarity search is a very important method in data clean. MapReduce will be used to do similarity search in our data clean system. But the efficiency is very low. We found that when we process the massive data stored in HDFS with MapReduce programing model every part of the dataset will be scanned and this is very time-consuming especially for large scale dataset. In this paper we will do filter operation on original data with hardware before we use similarity search to do data clean.


Data clean FPGA Similarity search MapReduce 



This paper was partially supported by National Sci-Tech Support Plan 2015BAH10F01 and NSFC grant U1509216, 61472099, 61133002.


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  • Yanzheng Wang
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  • Hong Gao
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  • Shengfei Shi
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  • Hongzhi Wang
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