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[1] Praise be to God as much as His bestowal of bounty, and may a benediction be upon His Prophet Muḥammad and his family. The proficient, highly esteemed, most learned Imām, teacher of mankind, most noble of the worthies, he without peer, king of the eminent ones, seal of the sages, Maḥmūd ibn Muḥammad ibn ʿUmar al-Faqīhī al-Jaghmīnī al-Khwārizmī, may God have mercy upon him, has said: the dearest of friends and the sincerest of companions conveyed to me that our master, the highly esteemed, proficient, refined Imām Badr al-Milla wa-l-Dīn, the pride of Islam and Muslims, cherished by kings and sultans, the healer of spirits, the seal of the sages, Muḥammad ibn Bahrām al-Qalānisī, may God have mercy upon him, proposed that I compile a book on [the subject of] ʿilm al-hayʾa, being both an abridgement and an exposition, and combining a succinctness of words with an elucidation of meanings.


Meridian Circle Spherical Body World Center Lunar Eclipse Regular Order 
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