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Although there are a large number of extant manuscript witnesses of the Mulakhkhaṣ, either standing as independent texts or incorporated into a commentary or supercommentary, it was possible to establish an edition that, I claim, is close to the author’s original. Fortunately, there was a relatively simple way to eliminate the vast majority of extant manuscripts as candidates for the author’s original. These witnesses contain modifications that, as I explain in Commentary, II.1[4] (“the second clime”), could have only occurred after the publication of the Tadhkira by Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī in 659/1261, i.e., well after Jaghmīnī’s lifetime. Next, I identified a dedication and poem to Badr al-Dīn al-Qalānisī that occurs in only a very few manuscripts. Thus I chose MSS B, F, and S, which also contain the pre-Tadhkira parameters, for the edition. There were two additional manuscripts containing the original parameters that I also used: one, MS K, has the dedication but not the poem; and MS L, which lacks both but has the earliest known copy date (644/1246-47). One could then distinguish these five manuscripts based on their prefaces: three have the poem and dedication (MSS B, F, and S); one has only the dedication (MS K); and one has neither (MS L). These divergent prefaces come together in the preface (Pref.[2]) and continue to the end of the treatise with relatively minor variants; these are listed in the text apparatus. The five principal manuscripts used for the edition are described in detail in the next section §II.


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