Public Key Encryption with Distributed Keyword Search

  • Veronika KuchtaEmail author
  • Mark Manulis
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In this paper we introduce Threshold Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search (TPEKS), a variant of PEKS where the search procedure for encrypted keywords is distributed across multiple servers in a threshold manner. TPEKS schemes offer stronger privacy protection for keywords in comparison to traditional PEKS schemes. In particularly, they prevent keyword guessing attacks by malicious servers. This protection is not achievable in a single-server PEKS setting.

We show how TPEKS can be built generically from any anonymous Identity-Based Threshold Decryption (IBTD), assuming the latter is indistinguishable, anonymous and robust. In order to instantiate our TPEKS construction we describe an efficient IBTD variant of the Boneh-Franklin IBE scheme. We provide an appropriate security model for such IBTD schemes and give an efficient construction in the random oracle model.

TPEKS constructions are particularly useful in distributed cloud storage systems where none of the servers alone is sufficiently trusted to perform the search procedure and where there is a need to split this functionality across multiple servers to enhance security and reliability.


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