Neuronal Tumors

  • Dario J. Englot
  • Edward F. Chang
  • Nalin GuptaEmail author
Part of the Pediatric Oncology book series (PEDIATRICO)


Neuronal tumors are rare, typically slow-growing tumors which usually carry a good prognosis. Gangliocytomas, gangliogliomas, and dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors (DNETs) present in late childhood or early adulthood are most often found in the supratentorial compartment and are commonly accompanied by intractable epilepsy. Complete surgical resection is typically curative and results in favorable seizure control, although tumor progression and persistent seizures are possible with subtotal excision. It is important to distinguish these tumors from low-grade astrocytomas in order to identify appropriate therapy. Central neurocytomas are lobulated, well-circumscribed masses seen in early adulthood, most often found in the lateral ventricles in proximity to the foramen of Monro. Patients usually present with symptoms attributable to raised intracranial pressure secondary to obstructive hydrocephalus. Complete surgical resection carries a favorable prognosis and also has the benefit of reopening CSF pathways, but can be difficult to achieve in some cases. Malignant transformation occurs in only a small minority of neuronal tumors, but has been reported in all tumor types. Although rare, tumor recurrence is seen, necessitating adjuvant therapy such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or radiosurgery in addition to surgical resection.


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