Late Effects of Treatment and Palliative Care

  • Eric Chang
  • Robert Goldsby
  • Sabine Mueller
  • Anu BanerjeeEmail author
Part of the Pediatric Oncology book series (PEDIATRICO)


Identifying late effects of treatment and integrating palliative care when appropriate are increasingly recognized as important elements of childhood tumor management. Patients with CNS tumors are at a high risk for mortality, and survivors have high morbidity rates related to the late effects of treatment. While intensified therapy has improved average 5-year survival in patients with pediatric brain tumors to 73 % (Ostrom et al. 2014) from less than 60 % in 1975–1979 (Linabery and Ross 2008), it has also increased the long-term consequences. Survivors may develop a spectrum of late effects ranging from subtle memory loss and cosmetic anomalies to severe neurological disabilities and recurrent neoplasms. While seemingly quite different, both palliative and late-effects care focus on improving quality of life for patients and need to be integrated into the overall care plan.


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