• Zvezdan Vukanović
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The study dissects and presents advanced, wide-ranging, and varied methodological viewpoints/trajectories of competing, empirical, comparative, exploratory, and longitudinal research agendas/practices/findings—on one hand, offering a coherent conceptual and empirical analysis of contemporary business model frameworks, flow dynamics, and platforms and, on the other hand, providing the insightful critical debate, framework, and platform for discussing crucial issues in the globalized FDI media business. Moreover, it posits transnational media research as reflective of advanced globalization processes, and explores its roles and responsibilities, articulating key themes in a dynamic digital media field. In other words, the volume offers a wide-ranging micro-/macroeconomic examination on the contemporary South-East Europe FDI media environment providing an empirical and methodological reflection and background knowledge on key aspects and important areas of research of the hybrid FDI business models, paradigms, as well as establishing the direction and a crucial foundation for the next phases of research in this growing arena of study; stimulating new scholarship; and resetting, proposing, and explicating new paradigmatic directions and perspectives in the domain of FDI business models. Relatedly, this contextually nuanced study also offers new material on the current, prospective, and future evolutionary/progressive/ developmental structure of multinational media corporations’ FDI as well as current and future media markets in SEECs. The book concludes by discussing the necessity for a profoundly detailed, rigorous, and stringent attitude toward the hybrid FDI business model to increase corporations’ competitive advantage and added value network configurations in the dynamic digital field/ecosystem of transnational media and communications.


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