A Review of Quality-of-Life Assessment Measures in Schizophrenia: Limitations and Future Developments

  • María Teresa Bobes-Bascarán
  • María Paz García-Portilla
  • Pilar A. Sáiz Martínez
  • Leticia García-Alvarez
  • Isabel Menéndez-Miranda
  • Susana Al-Halabí
  • María Teresa Bascarán
  • Julio BobesEmail author


The assessment of quality of life (QoL) in patients with schizophrenia is an area of growing concern since it is considered an essential distal outcome for clinical trials and patient management (Auquier et al. 2003; Awad and Voruganti 2012) according to the patient-reported outcome (PRO) movement in medicine (see Fig. 5.1). Its evaluation is founded on the notion that every patient has a right to self-determination in health-care decisions and his/her subjective perspective should be considered in both diagnosis and care planning processes (Awad and Voruganti 2012; Badia et al. 1999; Bilker et al. 2003).


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