Beyond Assessment of Quality of Life in Schizophrenia: Cultural, Clinical, and Research Perspectives from India, a Case Study

  • Santosh K. ChaturvediEmail author
  • M. Krishna Prasad
  • Abhishek Pathak


Quality of life (QOL) in schizophrenia is increasingly being recognized as an important patient-related outcome measure both in routine clinical practice and in research from India. This chapter explores the role of cultural ethos on QOL in schizophrenia from an Indian perspective and examines the various factors influencing the QOL in schizophrenia. The chapter also discusses the challenges in the measurement of QOL in schizophrenia in the Indian cultural context and the role of stigma and drug-related side effects on QOL. The studies on QOL in schizophrenia from India are also critically evaluated in the chapter. There is a need to be sensitive to local traditional and sociocultural factors during routine clinical evaluation of QOL; psychometrically sound local measures that are culture-free and fair need to be developed, adapted, and used. The QOL of other stakeholders that includes caregivers and mental health professionals handling persons with schizophrenia should not be neglected. The central goal of mental health care for persons with schizophrenia needs to include improvement of QOL and not merely an improvement in symptoms.


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