First-Person Palm Pose Tracking and Gesture Recognition in Augmented Reality

  • Daniel Thalmann
  • Hui LiangEmail author
  • Junsong Yuan
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 598)


We present an Augmented Reality solution to allow users to manipulate and inspect 3D virtual objects freely with their bare hands on wearable devices. To this end, we use a head-mounted depth camera to capture the RGB-D hand images from egocentric view, and propose a unified framework to jointly recover the 6D palm pose and recognize the hand gesture from the depth images. The random forest is utilized to regress for the palm pose and classify the hand gesture simultaneously via a spatial-voting framework. With a real-world annotated training dataset, the proposed method shows to predict the palm pose and gesture accurately. The output of the forest is used to render the 3D virtual objects, which are overlaid onto the hand region in input RGB images with camera calibration parameters to provide seamless virtual and real scene synthesis.


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