Memory as Integration and Selection Processes Over Space and Time in Temporal Cortical Microcircuits

  • Masaki Takeda
Part of the Springer Series in Cognitive and Neural Systems book series (SSCNS, volume 11)


Studies of memory processing in the brain-wide network have led to the development of several psychological models of different aspects of memory, such as the stages of memory information processing, memory span, and memory content. Of these aspects, the memory of space and time in a specific context has been extensively investigated as an episodic-like memory in animal models. Some seminal behavioral studies of episodic-like memory have accelerated the discovery of neuronal correlates of the memory of space and time. The medial temporal lobe memory system is known to be an important brain regions for this memory, which is supported and confirmed by anatomical and theoretical research. Recent methodological developments in functional imaging and multi-site neuronal recording in animals allows us to uncover the detailed circuit machinery of memory systems at the level of neuron-to-neuron interaction, inter-laminar information processing and inter-areal information processing. Although some fundamental issues remain to be elucidated, significant progress has been made toward understanding how the brain memorizes and retrieves items/events.


Long-term memory Episodic-like memory Medial temporal lobe Neuronal circuit 


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