Preparatory Stage in the Baltic States: Similarities and Differences

  • Vigita VėbraitėEmail author


This chapter covers the preparatory stage in civil litigation in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The main attention is devoted to the goals of preparatory stage and possible forms and stages of preparation of a civil case for the main hearing. The text also discusses judicial settlement efforts and court-connected mediation in the preparatory stage. The author concludes that there are differences in legal regulation of the preparatory stage in all three Baltic States, but still the challenges are quite similar. In some civil cases, there are too many preparatory hearings and the possibilities to take judicial settlement efforts are usually not completely exercised during the preparatory stage. Processes to modernise the preparatory stage in all Baltic States is still ongoing. A number of amendments are being done or under discussion for the codes of civil procedure in order to make this stage more flexible and clear.


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