Aspects of Human Emotions and Networks

  • Sudip MisraEmail author
  • Barun Kumar Saha
  • Sujata Pal
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One of the fundamental aspects that characterizes human beings is emotion, which has bidirectional interaction with its surrounding environment. Research on emotions have crossed the domain of psychology and has witnessed increasing cross-disciplinary approaches, where the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), physiology, software engineering, behavioral science, online social networks, and others get intertwined. Motivated by its importance, in this chapter, we look at some of the popular models—both conceptual and computational—of human emotions proposed in the field of psychology. Subsequently, we discuss about different techniques of emotion detection, such as using smartphones and online social networks, and how human beings emotionally react to different scenarios. We conclude this chapter, with a study on an aspect of human–network interplay in MOONs, by considering the effects of human emotions on the network performance.


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